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WINDOWS 10 Rainmeter Theme

Download and Install this Theme.

Wallpaper Sizes of 1600×900 & 1920×1080 Included @  My Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/Windows 10/Windows 10.jpeg.

Instructions to edit Dock Icons Included.
       My Computer, Documents, Browser, Music, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Deviantart, Yahoo, Games, Soundcloud, Google Search, Music Player, Notepad, Photo Slideshow, Rss Reader, Power Info, Recycle, System & User Info, Cpu, Ram, Disk C & D, Network Info, Battery Info, Time and Date….




Download and Install this Theme.

Font  &  Wallpapers Sizes of 1600×900 & 1920×1080 Included @  My Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/Windows 10/

Install Font.

Music Player Instructions:

1. Right Click on Center Skin (Surface) and select Edit to open. 
2. In 4th line, please give the music player name where i have given AIMP as using it.  Please select your music player and replace AIMP as follows:

for Example: ( I am using this Player)

The following players are fully supported. All features should work unless stated otherwise.

AIMP: PlayerName=AIMP
Fully supported. Tested with AIMP 2.61.
foobar2000: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported. The foo_cad plugin (download) needs to be installed.
iTunes: PlayerName=iTunes
Fully supported. Tested with iTunes 10.2.
J. River Media Center and Media Jukebox: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported through the CAD interface with Media Center 19 and later. More information here.
MediaMonkey: PlayerName=MediaMonkey
Fully supported. Tested with MediaMonkey 3.2.5.
MusicBee: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported. MusicBee 1.2 (or higher) is required.
Winamp: PlayerName=Winamp
Fully supported.
VLC: PlayerName=CAD
Fully supported. The libcad plugin for VLC must be installed.
WMP: PlayerName=WMP
Fully supported, except for the Repeat / Shuffle types.

3. Save and refresh Rainmeter. 

Photo Slideshow Instructions:

1. Right Click on Center Skin (Surface) and select Edit to open. 
2. In 6th line, please give the your Wallpaper Folder location 

for Example: ( I have Wallpapers in this Folder)

3. Save and refresh Rainmeter. 




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Skin Details & Instructions

The WINDOWS 10 rainmeter skin was developed and created by DarkEagle2011 and was originally published on DeviantArt Jul 3, 2015.

To open up and configure any settings for the WINDOWS 10 theme, simply double click on the time, date or day of week.  Once clicked, you will be presented with a popup with all the settings to configure WINDOWS 10 to your needs.

For the WINDOWS 10 weather widget to work correctly, you need to set your weather code within the settings menu.

Yes, the WINDOWS 10 rainmeter theme does support Spotify however you won’t be able to see the progress of the song. Only the buttons (stop, pause, skip) and song name will work. To fix the progress bar issue you will need to configure the variables within the player.ini to webnowplayer or use spicetify widget.

You can resize any WINDOWS 10 widget (date, time, day of week text, recycle bin and Spotify) by scrolling your mouse UP and DOWN.

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