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JunoDark Rainmeter Theme

-I am still updating this as a solo project and am only able to test it on a select set of systems that are all fully updated windows 10, AIDA 64, and the current rainmeter stable.  As always your input and feedback are very much appreciated.

This project is based on the original Juno skin and all credit is due to that project. The weather functionality owes its origins to code from Flat Weather.  This is my only project and I wish to make sure credit goes where it is due.  I’m still having a blast learning along the way and hope it’s functional and aesthetically pleasing skin that is customizable enough to fit many systems without too much hassle.

Made in Respect to the Original Juno Skin

Updated to include Weather Functions – the original had used a now-defunct yahoo server.  Credit is due to Flat Weather

Multiple Changes
*Weather Function updated with Flat Weather’s code to Weather Underground
*Style Changes are now done through Variables. inc exclusively
*Battery Level Removed
*Gmail Checker with plain Text passwords removed
*IP Address now displays Public IP rather than internal LAN IP
*Applications Changed to Local System Locations (Explorer & Recycle BIN are kept, Browser and GMAIL changed to Network Browser and Control Panel)
*Notes Section removed
    -Replaced with System Monitoring Section that uses Aida64 to pull Fan and Temp info 

I did my best to make sure all credit due was given to the awesome shoulders I stood on when making this.  I had a blast and essentially did so only because core functionality had broken on the original.  If I have not followed all guidelines accordingly I would love the opportunity to learn more and resolve any trespasses. 

This was created/tested using Windows 10 and Rainmeter 4.2.0 r3111 using Aida64 Extreme 5.98 for Temp and Fan measurements.




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Skin Details & Instructions

The JunoDark rainmeter skin was developed and created by RollzRoyc3 and was originally published on DeviantArt Jan 21, 2019.

To open up and configure any settings for the JunoDark theme, simply double click on the time, date or day of week.  Once clicked, you will be presented with a popup with all the settings to configure JunoDark to your needs.

For the JunoDark weather widget to work correctly, you need to set your weather code within the settings menu.

Yes, the JunoDark rainmeter theme does support Spotify however you won’t be able to see the progress of the song. Only the buttons (stop, pause, skip) and song name will work. To fix the progress bar issue you will need to configure the variables within the player.ini to webnowplayer or use spicetify widget.

You can resize any JunoDark widget (date, time, day of week text, recycle bin and Spotify) by scrolling your mouse UP and DOWN.

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