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IcyStorm Rainmeter Theme
UPDATED 2022: **MASSIVE** rewrite of the snow animation script. If you installed this before, I *HIGHLY* recommend you update it!
Send issues, view documentation, and read the project’s code on the project’s GitHub! I rarely check DeviantArt.
Old Description:
Want a better preview of the snow effect?

Want faster wind? slower fall speed? Color? all variables are customizable!
The default number of snowflakes is set at 60. If you want to add or remove snowflakes, make sure you change the variable “NumSnowflakes”.
Have multiple monitors? Just change the variables TotalScreenAreaX and TotalScreenAreaY and you’re good to go.
Just don’t forget to change the variables StartX and EndX to indicate the area for your snowflakes to spawn.

Technical stuff: (The stuff you shouldn’t worry about unless you want to edit variables)
If you want to change the update rate under [rainmeter], you MUST change the variable UpdateRate.
Also, due to the snowflake’s random speeds, you have to adjust the Lifetime variable when you change the fall speed or the snowflake amount. More information is inside the .ini file.
High CPU usage? Set update and UpdateRate to 32 for a 30FPS animation, or lower the number of snowflakes.

All of the snowflake’s features:
ImageTints (colored snowflakes like in this gfy:…
Falling speed
Swaying (quadratic InOut that sways particles side to side)
Wind (3 types!)

Reddit thread:

Hotfix 2.0.1: Fixed an inconvenience regarding the meter [MeterWorkArea], made its W and H use variables that have already been set earlier in the file.  

optional Sidefix (is that a thing?) for 2.0.1: If you have particles that spawn under the screen and then flow upward, replace SnowflakeAnimator.lua with this:
This doesn’t remove particles that are located under the screen.

2.0.2: fixed something stupid I missed in [MeterWorkArea]




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Skin Details & Instructions

The IcyStorm rainmeter skin was developed and created by TheIcyStar and was originally published on DeviantArt Nov 30, 2015.

To open up and configure any settings for the IcyStorm theme, simply double click on the time, date or day of week.  Once clicked, you will be presented with a popup with all the settings to configure IcyStorm to your needs.

For the IcyStorm weather widget to work correctly, you need to set your weather code within the settings menu.

Yes, the IcyStorm rainmeter theme does support Spotify however you won’t be able to see the progress of the song. Only the buttons (stop, pause, skip) and song name will work. To fix the progress bar issue you will need to configure the variables within the player.ini to webnowplayer or use spicetify widget.

You can resize any IcyStorm widget (date, time, day of week text, recycle bin and Spotify) by scrolling your mouse UP and DOWN.

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