Droptop Four

Start Menu/Drop Down Menu for Rainmeter
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droptop four

Droptop four mimics the behavior of menu bars that exist on several other operating systems, floating above your windows to allow quick and easy access to your applications at all times.Droptop comes pre-equipped with 14 unique apps, allowing quick and easy access to many necessary functions, as well as notifications for elements such as your Gmail inbox, current weather conditions, and more..

Skin Details & Instructions

The Droptop four rainmeter skin was developed and created by Cariboudjan and was originally published on Deviantart 

After downloading and installing droptop four you will be presented with a setup wizard which you need to complete and save your settings. To edit folders and other icons on the menu simply right click on the icon and click on settings.

Droptop four rainmeter menu comes in two versions. One basic free version and another paid supporters version. The free version has limited features such as :

  • 7 Home Button Icons
  • 6 Fully-Customizable Folders
  • 4 Themes to Choose from

The paid version of Droptop Four comes with much more features that include;

  • 300 Home Button Icons
  • 12 Fully-customizable folders
  • 22 Themes to choose from
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Droptop Four