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Do I Need a Jacket?

Do I Need a Jacket? Rainmeter Theme
Do I Need a Jacket
“Do I Need a Jacket?”

Because there aren’t enough Rainmeter weather skins

Update on the progress of the old “Do I Need a Jacket?” skin.
(Last updated 10 April 2016)

Improvements thus far:
 Uses Lua instead of trying to cram logic into the skin file
 Many more adverbs (though it’s probably less witty overall)
 Instead of trying to incorporate wind speed into the jacket equation, just checks the Wind Chill temperature value
 Simplified settings: location, English/Metric, jacket temperature threshold, coat temperature threshold
 Can change the size by scrolling the mouse over the skin
 Text alignment (left, right, centered) is selectable from the skin context menu

The latest version uses’s wxdata feed – you will need a location code.
The code can be found in the URL on the forecast page for your location on, using jsmorley ‘s WXDataWeather skin, or via

A fix for the old version, which used a Yahoo! weather feed, can be found here:…



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Skin Details & Instructions

The Do I Need a Jacket? rainmeter skin was developed and created by FlyingHyrax and was originally published on DeviantArt Nov 16, 2014.

To open up and configure any settings for the Do I Need a Jacket? theme, simply double click on the time, date or day of week.  Once clicked, you will be presented with a popup with all the settings to configure Do I Need a Jacket? to your needs.

For the Do I Need a Jacket? weather widget to work correctly, you need to set your weather code within the settings menu.

Yes, the Do I Need a Jacket? rainmeter theme does support Spotify however you won’t be able to see the progress of the song. Only the buttons (stop, pause, skip) and song name will work. To fix the progress bar issue you will need to configure the variables within the player.ini to webnowplayer or use spicetify widget.

You can resize any Do I Need a Jacket? widget (date, time, day of week text, recycle bin and Spotify) by scrolling your mouse UP and DOWN.

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