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Desktop+++ Rainmeter Theme

Version=    1.1.2
Author=     Fiftyniner


After over a month of work, I’m finally ready to release Desktop+++!

I’ve redesigned the entire theme from the bottom up, remaking all assets myself and restyling them to my liking. All of the side meters are modular and can be arranged however you please, I’ve also added some convenience features such as the ability to configure the entire theme from a single file, from refresh rates to music players to the color of the entire skin!


Weather, Clock, Music Player, Shortcuts, Recycle Bin

RSS, System, Network, Shortcuts

5 Left Variants, 5 Right Variants, 10 Full Variants

Equalizer, Gradient Backdrop


reddit /r/rainmeter post:…

Rainmeter Forums post:…


Question1=   The sidebars don’t fit on my screen! They’re too big or too small!
Answer1=     Unfortunately, the theme only supports 1920×1080 natively.

Question2=  X isn’t working!
Answer2=    All widgets included should work without any tinkering. Any
                    problems are most likely caused by something like a plugin
                    no longer working. I know this is the case for the Spotify Player.

Question3= Where can I find an icon for the X program?
Answer3=   Check the comments! Plenty of people have made all kinds of
                   icons for the theme.

Question4= I can’t find an icon for X! How do I make one?
Answer4=   The icons included in the pack make great templates, as you
                   can copy common traits like resolution and opacity from them.
                   It will, however, require some basic image editing software knowledge.


Stellar collision

The Equalizer Bars are from Desktop VU-Meter by HiTBiT-PA.…

The center circle widget was inspired by SnowFlower by Bowchikawubwub.…

The original code for the System and Network meters was from Simply Nova by nova-7-sev-dd.…

The code for the weather widgets was inspired by Very Flat Weather by SacrificialS.…

The code for the Music and Spotify widgets was inspired by Soita by poiru.…

The various icons for the skin were all obtained from




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Skin Details & Instructions

The Desktop+++ rainmeter skin was developed and created by Fiftyniner and was originally published on DeviantArt Nov 9, 2014.

To open up and configure any settings for the Desktop+++ theme, simply double click on the time, date or day of week.  Once clicked, you will be presented with a popup with all the settings to configure Desktop+++ to your needs.

For the Desktop+++ weather widget to work correctly, you need to set your weather code within the settings menu.

Yes, the Desktop+++ rainmeter theme does support Spotify however you won’t be able to see the progress of the song. Only the buttons (stop, pause, skip) and song name will work. To fix the progress bar issue you will need to configure the variables within the player.ini to webnowplayer or use spicetify widget.

You can resize any Desktop+++ widget (date, time, day of week text, recycle bin and Spotify) by scrolling your mouse UP and DOWN.

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